Research and Intelligence


Why are we so committed to push for more rigorous research in fields related to social enterprise and innovation?

We see it as a must. These scientific research areas are still in their infancy. At i-propeller we hold a lot of original information and data and we recognize the need for more scientific exploration of this information. We absolutely love it when academics can use these data to empirically validate their theories.

During our research i-propeller partnered with the London School of Economics, IESE Barcelona, Harvard Business School, SITE at Stockholm School of Economics and the Catholic University of Leuven (KU Leuven).

We also feel a strong need for more rigorous experimentation. At i-propeller, we develop open innovation approaches and design services, which are not only profitable but also create social value. We love it when academics study and evaluate these mechanisms as well as the impacts these services make.

We are able to speak the languages of practice and science, and develop transfer schemes between business and academia. We are keen to engage into a dialogue that produces productive mutual frictions! This keeps us fresh, sharp, on our toes. The research is absolutely essential to nurture a stimulating and intelligent workplace.


Major research project

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