Enabling vulnerable families to eat healthy through shared value strategy


The Belgian retailer Colruyt was looking to contribute from its values, experience and strengths to tailor-made solutions for vulnerable families in Belgium. They wanted to engage together with partners in a project that aims to give people with scarce resources the capacity to eat healthier, and doing so by providing simple solutions that make it more easy to adapt new eating habits.


We collaborated with Colruyt and OCMW Kortrijk (Public Centre for Social Welfare) to develop a new innovative intervention that could address the issue of eating healthy for people living in condition of poverty. The project Aan tafel in 1-2-3 euro was launched to support vulnerable families with children by inspiring them to be well-balanced and to cook child-friendly. Co-creation sessions were organized in Gent with the city of Kortrijk and their OCMW. This multiple stakeholder approach allowed to benefit at the same time from

  • the OCMW’s and Kortrijk city’s knowledge on the vulnerable families’ needs and their expertise on the best ways to guide them
  • Colruyt’s logistic knowledge, retail network and expertise.

1_reeks_1_a5_661881-levi_concept-a5.1-page0As a result of the co-creation sessions, Colruyt developed a two-weekly budget-friendly cookbook coming with its related grocery list. The cookbook allowed vulnerable families to cook healthy and easy recipes for a maximum budget of 1,2 or €3/ for an adult person. Each recipe applies to 3 larges portions and comes with tips to use the food surplus. The OCMW compiled a test group from parents with children who received the budget-friendly cookbook entitled “Aan tafel in 1-2-3 euro” at Colruyt. The Kortijk OCMW also organized various extra activities such as cooking demonstrations and shop visits to install good eating habits. As this pilot project received a positive evaluation, Colruyt is currently expanding this project in the rest of the country.