Growth strategy for the consumer energy market

The Challenge

Eneco, an energy provider on the Belgian market, was looking for support to increase their market share in the Belgian energy market and distinguish itself from their competitors through their focus on local decentralized renewable energy production.


Our Approach

The i-propeller team worked with Eneco in their market positioning, development of a strategy and market approach, and roadmap for new products and services to be launched to enable their customers to be a part of their mission to balance consumption with local renewable energy production. As they grow their business in Belgium, i-propeller has been able to provide continuous advice and support to develop capabilities and proper planning to execute on the strategy. We have helped the client to bring a unique story to the market by leveraging their strong installation capabilities and renewable energy production assets across Belgium. Business growth in this industry typically means more customers who consume more energy, but to our client it also means more investments, together with its customers, in solar panels, wind turbines or other local renewable energy sources to balance the increase in consumption.

The Customers Impact

Since entering the B2C market in 2011, the client continues to rapidly gain market share. Their unique story combined with attractive energy prices has allowed them to move quickly on to the market and grow as a potential future competitor to the other dominant players in the Belgian market.

With the support of i-propeller we got our wind in the sails to grow our business in a sustainable way – Christoph Degrez, CEO of Eneco Belgium