Tackling therapy compliance with social innovation

The Challenge

Our client in the pharmaceutical industry was looking for a new and innovative way to improve the therapy compliance of one of its newer medications, where a regular intake of the medication was of utmost importance for the effectiveness and impact of the therapy. The focus of the challenge was specifically on elderly patients with a chronic condition who have to be compliant for a long period of time. The aim of the project was to think out of the box and come up with innovative non- or low-technical solutions.

Our approach

After a first round of interviews with experts from different backgrounds, combined with desk research and bench-marking, we offered the challenge via our lead-user sourcing methodology to 15 social entrepreneurs with expertise in fields related to improving therapy compliance. We also internally brainstormed to find new and innovative ways to tackle therapy compliance. In the next phase we translated the results from the interviews, bench-marks, lead-user sourcing and our own internal ideas into four new and innovative concepts that where presented to the client. All four concepts were built around strengthening the capabilities of the patient as well as the caregivers surrounding the patient, from friends and family, via pharmacists, and home nursing to general practitioners and specialists. Out of these four concepts, the client chose two concepts which we developed further into business cases.


As a result of this project the client gained new insights into innovate and social ways to improve therapy compliance. The client has chosen one concept to be fully developed and pilot tested in three markets in Europe and one concept to be further enriched and developed. With the pilot testing of the chosen concept, the clients hopes to measure the real impact of the service innovation on therapy compliance and thus directly improve the quality of life of the patient and his or her surroundings.