Opportunity Analysis

“What are my opportunities as a company to act based on societal trends and my own capabilities?”

Is my license to operate still valid and will it remain valid based on the big societal trends and challenges? We offer a framework to map where you are as a company, what your opportunities are and if working and innovating towards shared value is the right option for you.

Opportunity Analysis: challenging, evaluating and re-imagining your license to operate in a changing world – a framework for scanning, stress testing, finding opportunities and choosing the way forward

We start from the big societal trends and challenges and look at the total registry of opportunities for your company to tap into these societal challenges as a business opportunity. How do you as a company connect to these opportunities, what options do you have and which option(s) do you choose?


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 The result of an opportunity analysis

The outcome of an opportunity analysis is a detailed map that helps you to develop a strong vision on how your company should look at the big societal trends to renew or strengthen it’s license to operate. You get a full list of options detailing which of your core competencies and capabilities you can or should activate to act on this vision. With that map and option list in hand, the next step is to develop a clear strategy and choose the right options.