Service impact improvement

Companies develop and launch products and services that have a very positive impact on people’s lives. Yet, we often observe suboptimal uptake and retention of these products and services. This can be caused by many immaterial reasons such as stigma, pro-castination, planning fallacy, reputation, multiple identities, social and cultural norms etc….  Demographic trends such as aging, poverty, single households and migration in Europe drastically increases the importance of solving the last mile problem.

“We help you in scaling the success of your products and services and their social impact through minor and often low cost social innovative changes inspired and validated by behavioral sciences and experimentations.”

By designing and deploying social and innovative interventions grounded in behavioral science, we find solutions to overcome these last mile problems in a smart way in your markets   and guide companies to reach the impact (socially and economically) and market entrance at a large scale.

How do we work?


What results do we achieve?
  • A clear and market proven value proposition/approach that takes into account the material characteristics, but also the immaterial and social values of your product or service
  • Impact measurement tool: We will test-out the different types of interventions in an evidenced based approach. An additional positive outcome of such method is that we will develop an impact measurement tool to continuously follow-up the societal and economic impact of the market approach
  • Social innovation: The treatment that we will propose will be in nature ‘socially innovative’. By exposing your business to these approaches we foresee a positive spillover effect to the companies culture
An example: