Service and business innovation



We help your company launch new services that are not only profitable but also realize significant societal impacts.

These services typically revolve around:

  • a new service concept
  • a new client-service interface (distribution channels)
  • a financial or organizational innovation

One major rationale for our clients to develop such ‘shared value’ services is that they typically tap into new markets, markets with high growth expectations.

Our approach in service design is modular.

In a first module, we look to identify ‘your company’s societal challenge’ – that is, identify which societal trends hold the most promise for your company to leverage as drivers of your company’s innovations. Here we typically deploy a combination of our opportunity identification tools and conclude this module with one or more workshops with top-management to ensure full agreement with the challenge identified.

In a second module, we break down the challenge into various components and questions, and then handpick social entrepreneurs from our network of 1.500 social entrepreneurs worldwide – entrepreneurs who we believe could bring valuable insight onto your company’s challenge. This process is typically a funnel, whereby we invite say 20 social entrepreneurs for a first brainstorm, and then dig deeper into various ideas brought forward with a selection of those. We use the inputs of social entrepreneurs as ingredients to create typically 3-4 tailor-made new service concepts. We present those concepts to your company, and integrate your feedback into next module.

Our third module or i-design module is where we develop a business case or even a first business plan for one or more of the service concepts selected.

In a fourth module, we support the prototyping, typically more from the sidelines, helping to ensure good alignment with original concepts and that necessary measures are taken to demonstrate and explicate impacts.

This modular approach helps us to be flexible. We can work with you on one module alone, or combine more than one modules.