Shared Value Strategy


The i-propeller team helps its clients to create a Shared Value Strategy or transform their current strategy towards Shared Value. Through strong strategic vision and action, i-propeller supports its clients to become leaders for shared value creation. Developing and executing a socially innovative strategy requires a persuasive vision and careful strategic planning for the best possible execution. Guided by a profound understanding of societal trends, i-propeller matches these emerging markets for potential growth to the business strategy of its clients.

Efficiently adapting to societal trends, allows clients to differentiate their business, giving them a pole position for sustainable growth and a clear competitive advantage. i-propeller couples innovation priorities with company resources to guarantee the successful deployment of new business strategies. By mapping innovative initiatives, i-propeller helps its clients to pick the actions that yield the best result, with clear outlines for short and long term gains.

i-propeller performs strategic analyses from a range of business units that can be instrumental in generating value. These include financial analysis, risk management, human capital, organizational capabilities development, branding and identity, customer relations. Where relevant i-propeller benchmarks these performance insights with other companies.