Our Mission

Our mission is propelling business innovation aimed at creating economic and societal value

We push for innovating towards creating Shared Value – developing opportunities together with our clients in the areas of today’s big societal challenges. We strive to develop innovative strategies and services that create economic and societal value.


At i-propeller we believe that …

  • Societal challenges usher in gigantic opportunities for companies to innovate, and companies that efficiently detect and seize those opportunities are exceptionally well placed to take and sustain a competitive lead
  • Social entrepreneurs hold unique business and market intelligence that can help companies drastically accelerate the speed and efficiency by which they spot and capture opportunities for social business innovation
  • Processes of social business innovation and new social venture formation can be steeply enhanced through open innovative methodologies, and we strive to pioneer such methodologies

 “Companies should sharpen their focus on connecting economic and societal progress, and assess how the interplay between societal trends, functional convergence, horizontal convergence, and geographical convergence affects their business.”