Jason Donohue


Jason Donohue is a principal and lead of the healthcare practice at i-propeller.

Jason joined i-propeller in 2010 and has since advised numerous businesses in their development and execution of shared value strategies. He is specialised in co-creating and collaborating with multiple stakeholders to bring innovative ‘shared value’ solutions to market.

His work has focused on innovative solutions to help clients overcome behavioural barriers to take-up, use, and understanding of their product and/or service portfolio.  This includes identifying new market opportunities to reach target groups normally excluded such as migrants, elderly, youth and the poor – and designing new products and services that enable businesses to capture the opportunity and differentiate themselves in the market.

He has overseen client projects in healthcare addressing medication adherence for the elderly, understanding of HIV and its treatment among African migrants, aligning contraception choices with the needs of young women and supporting long-term needs of patients with psoriatic arthritis, among others.

Additionally, he has engaged in shared value approaches in sectors including financial and insurance, energy and utilities, and agriculture. Jason has also provided support and advice to various non-profit organisations and social enterprises in achieving more sustainable growth. His background in quality and process management has also contributed to streamlining and enhancing the unique methodologies and practices used by i-propeller to bring social business innovation to the market and measure for impact.

Prior to joining i-propeller, Jason spent most of his career working in various positions for large multinational corporations leading change management efforts and managing operations in both service and manufacturing environments. He began his professional career as a business analyst for Intel Corporation and afterwards joined Ingersoll Rand. Within Ingersoll Rand, he held roles both in their security technologies and climate control technology divisions as a project manager, operations manager, and later as service branch manager for their operations in San Francisco, CA.

Jason holds a bachelor of science degree in industrial engineering and minor in product realisation from Pennsylvania State University and an MBA from the Vlerick Management School.