Myriam Fobe


Myriam Fobe is accountant, HR and office manager for the Oksigen Group.

Myriam has a diverse experience in both the profit as the non-profit sector.  She has worked for more than 10 years in the fields of finance, HR and overall general management for big companies in the banking industry as well as for smaller sized organisations such as the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium or a local daycare center for disabled youth.

Myriam has a keen interest in health, alternative medicine and wellness in general.  She cares about sustainability, responsible citizenship and waste reduction.  By joining I-Propeller, part of the Oksigen Group, in 2017, she reconciliates her professional life with her personal values.

Myriam holds a Master in Business Administration.  During her studies she was a member of AIESEC.  She speaks French, Dutch, English and Spanish.