Steven Serneels

Board Member

Steven is a board member of i-propeller, investor and board member of the SI²Fund and board member of Oksigen Holding, the majority stakeholder in I-Propeller.

In his capacity as engaged board member of i-propeller he helps the executive management team to grow their consulting business, advising companies how to create ‘shared value’ and define impact strategies.

Steven Serneels has been working in the professional service industry as a strategy consultant and business leader for nearly 25 years. In 1992 he founded his own company: S&V Management Consultants, specialized in Supply Chain and Operations Strategy. He grew the company to about 100 people, working with senior management of medium and large international companies in Europe and beyond. In 2008 he sold S&V to Mahindra Satyam, an Indian ICT company, staying on as CEO until successfully re-selling the company to PwC in 2011.

In 2011, Steven joined Ashoka Global, Washington DC, as strategic advisor/co-creator for FEC (Full Economic Citizenship), Ashoka’s strategic venture for market based solutions. In this capacity he focused on how cso’s (citizen sector organizations) and corporations could work together successfully in creating social impact at scale in a commercially viable, win-win setting.

Now, Steven is investor in SI², a for profit social impact fund, as well as chairman of Kampani, a social impact investment fund to unlock the potential of entrepreneurial farming in the South. He is a board member of EVPA, Europe’s largest membership association made up of organizations interested in or practising venture philanthropy andsocial investment across Europe. As board member, he chairs the task group on Corporate Social Impact Strategies.

He is visiting Professor at Hult International Business School, Dubai, lecturing on Business in Society, and also lectures at HEC, Paris, on Inclusive Business.

Steven is regularly invited as conference chairman and keynote speaker at international conferences and is (co-) author of numerous internationally published articles

on various topics dealing with the role of business in society, one of them being EVPA’s report on ‘Corporate Social Impact Strategies – New paths for collaborative growth’; May 2015.

He co-authored the book ‘Everyone To Be Social: Can entrepreneurs save the world’ (september 2016).

Steven holds a Master in Engineering from the Rijksuniversiteit Ghent and an MBA from the Vlerick Management School.