King Filip visits the Impact House

This week we welcomed King Filip in our offices at the Impact House, our very own dynamic hub for impact making. We’re very pleased with his interest for entrepreneurial actors, keen to solve today’s social and ecological challenges each in their own way.

We feel strengthened by this appreciation for the commitment of all of the organisations the house working daily to maximise positive societal impact, whether by financing, coaching, consultancy or network building. We join in his expression of hope for a better future upon meeting the younger generations (see picture) of the House. May this visit marks a sustained and growing interest from Belgian actors – particularly companies- to explore how to bring making impact from the margins to the centre of their work!

To find out how the visit played out, see here.
For more information about what we work on, have a look here.

iPropeller highlights how business can contribute to tackling climate change

By resolutely choosing innovation, companies can structurally contribute to a sustainable climate policy. But that does require a well-considered approach. Our Director Michael Wagemans explains how in this opinion piece in the Tijd.

View article here (in dutch).

iPropeller's study 'Nourishing Shared Value' presented by Flanders' Food as a way to create shared value for both food sector and consumers (in Dutch)

In this study 'Nourishing Shared Value: Doing Good & Getting Better with Food in Belgium', we identify six 'shared value' opportunities, which depart from the nutrition-related challenges faced by (un) served consumers in Belgium today. (in Dutch).

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iPropeller charts the opportunity to innovate and get better vis-à-vis social and environmental challenges in food

iPropeller charts the opportunity to innovate and get better vis-à-vis social and environmental challenges in food.

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iPropeller's Michael Wagemans shares his opinion on the importance of the chief innovation officer in Ecotips (in Dutch)

Our CEO explains why every company in Belgium should appoint a Chief Innovation Officer (in Dutch).

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iPropeller's Piet Colruyt participates in a roundtable on social entrepreneurship at the royal palace

Piet Colruyt - iPropeller's anchor investor - was invited to participate in a Round Table on Social Entrepreneurship at the Belgian Royal Palace.

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iPropeller presents its study on advancing multi-actor partnerships for climate change in Sub-Saharan Africa : Drivers and Hurdles

iPropeller partnered with Ashoka to assess the feasibility of scaling climate change-related social innovations in Sub-Saharan Africa by leveraging the assets of Flemish actors (in English).

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iPropeller is proud to contribute to the success of Colruyt’s ‘Aan tafel in 1-2-3 euro’ (in Dutch)

iPropeller co-developed with Colruyt the ‘Lekker Eten Voor Iedereen’ project, resulting of a public-private partnership to provide budgetfriendly meal options to people living in poverty (in Dutch).

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iPropeller's Piet Colruyt talks about social entrepreneurship on Klara radio (in Dutch)

Piet Colruyt, iPropeller's anchor investor, explain whys entrepreneurs should not continue to pursue mere profits (in Dutch).

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iPropeller’s Marieke Huysentruyt charts the rise of Triodos Bank in SSIR

iPropeller's Marieke Huysetruyt explains Triodos bank's model for socially responsible investing and sustainable growth.

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