iPropeller charts the opportunity to innovate and get better vis-à-vis social and environmental challenges in food

iPropeller charts the opportunity to innovate and get better vis-à-vis social and environmental challenges in food.

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iPropeller's Michael Wagemans shares his opinion on the importance of the chief innovation officer in Ecotips (in Dutch)

Our CEO explains why every company in Belgium should appoint a Chief Innovation Officer (in Dutch).

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iPropeller's Piet Colruyt participates in a roundtable on social entrepreneurship at the royal palace

Piet Colruyt - iPropeller's anchor investor - was invited to participate in a Round Table on Social Entrepreneurship at the Belgian Royal Palace.

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iPropeller presents its study on advancing multi-actor partnerships for climate change in Sub-Saharan Africa : Drivers and Hurdles

iPropeller partnered with Ashoka to assess the feasibility of scaling climate change-related social innovations in Sub-Saharan Africa by leveraging the assets of Flemish actors (in English).

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iPropeller is proud to contribute to the success of Colruyt’s ‘Aan tafel in 1-2-3 euro’ (in Dutch)

iPropeller co-developed with Colruyt the ‘Lekker Eten Voor Iedereen’ project, resulting of a public-private partnership to provide budgetfriendly meal options to people living in poverty (in Dutch).

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iPropeller's Piet Colruyt talks about social entrepreneurship on Klara radio (in Dutch)

Piet Colruyt, iPropeller's anchor investor, explain whys entrepreneurs should not continue to pursue mere profits (in Dutch).

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iPropeller’s Marieke Huysentruyt charts the rise of Triodos Bank in SSIR

iPropeller's Marieke Huysetruyt explains Triodos bank's model for socially responsible investing and sustainable growth.

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iPropeller's Piet Colruyt presents flagship publication 'Allemaal Sociaal 3.0' (in Dutch)

Piet Colruyt explains why social entrepreneurs are such important players in solving the challenges facing our society (in Dutch).

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iPropeller plays role in Ikea Belgium’s award for best sustainability report 2013

iPropeller and Whyte Corporate Affairs supported IKEA in positioning it as a leader in sustainability, culminating in its award of the 2013 European Excellence Award for Best Sustainability Report.

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iPropeller supports launch of the Sociale Innovatiefabriek (in Dutch)

iPropeller and United Associations worked together on the establishment of the Social Innovation Factory, a key initiative supporting social entrepreneurship and social innovation in Belgium (in Dutch).

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