iPropeller presents its view on shared value opportunities in the food value chain (with a focus on consumers) through original thought leadership

Our study identifies six so-called shared value opportunities together with innovative responses and case studies that may inspire food companies in Belgium and beyond to take action.

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iPropeller's Jason Donohue explores the reasons medicines and technologies fail to achieve expected health outcomes

Our healthcare practice lead Jason Donohue has written this excellent article for AmCham Belgium, explaining what barriers prevent people from improving their health (in English).

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iPropeller presents a resource for engaging in sustainable partnerships

iPropeller partnered with The Shift to identify what makes for succesful and sustainable partnerships (in English).

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iPropeller’s innovation for medication adherence features in scientific journal

iPropeller, together with DAE studios and the Jessa Hospital Hasselt, developed the Health Buddies app in Belgium, an innovative tool to improve adherence and knowledge in Atrial Fibrillation patients.

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iPropeller contributes to the final report of SEFORIS

iPropeller lead this flagship multi-disciplinary, multi-method international research project on social enterprise (in English).

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iPropeller presents new visual tools for migrants living with HIV/AIDS

We developed these visual tools to support Sub-Saharan African migrant patients living with HIV,  in partnership with ViiV Healthcare and HIV-SAM (Muungaano) (in English).

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iPropeller's Steven Serneels, Piet Colruyt, Johan Moyersoen & Marieke Huysentruyt present their book: Allemaal Sociaal (in Dutch)

This book - by iPropeller board members - looks at the role social enterprises can play in our society 3.0 (in Dutch).

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iPropeller presents 10 country reports in connection with SEFORIS

iPropeller partnered with the European Commission to increase the understanding of the role of the social enterprise in 10 countries (in English).

The state of social entrepreneurship :

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iPropeller presents results of survey on sustainable partnerships in Belgium (in Dutch and French)

iPropeller partnered with the Shift to identify how profit and non-profit can work together to benefit Belgium.

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