iPropeller presents new visual tools for migrants living with HIV/AIDS

We developed these visual tools to support Sub-Saharan African migrant patients living with HIV,  in partnership with ViiV Healthcare and HIV-SAM (Muungaano) (in English).

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iPropeller's Steven Serneels, Piet Colruyt, Johan Moyersoen & Marieke Huysentruyt present their book: Allemaal Sociaal (in Dutch)

This book - by iPropeller board members - looks at the role social enterprises can play in our society 3.0 (in Dutch).

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iPropeller presents 10 country reports in connection with SEFORIS

iPropeller partnered with the European Commission to increase the understanding of the role of the social enterprise in 10 countries (in English).

The state of social entrepreneurship :

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iPropeller presents results of survey on sustainable partnerships in Belgium (in Dutch and French)

iPropeller partnered with the Shift to identify how profit and non-profit can work together to benefit Belgium.

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iPropeller features in Etion’s newsletter with business as a force for good (in Dutch)

We explain why companies should engage in shared value strategies (In Dutch).

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iPropeller contributes to the European Commission’s Guide for Scaling Social Innovation

iPropeller lead this important project capturing learnings on the scaling paths of 300 social enterprises across Europe.

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iPropeller features in Trends magazine with the Business & Poverty Platform (in Dutch)

Action Tank brings together multinationals, NGOs and government agencies to experiment with the development of social enterprises in France. In 2014, iPropeller amended the model and brought it to Belgium in order to benefit the poorest (in Dutch).

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iPropeller features in De Morgen with the Business & Poverty Platform (in Dutch)

This article highlights the launch of Business & Poverty Platform, in which iPropeller was one of the leading actors (in Dutch).

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iPropeller features in the newsletter of Flanders’ Food (in Dutch)

iPropeller explains why it is convinced that the major challenges of society must be tackled from an entrepreneurial perspective (in Dutch).

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iPropeller co-creates visual tools for migrants living with HIV/AIDS

We developed these visual tools to inform and support Sub-Saharan African migrant patients living with HIV, in partnership with ViiV Healthcare, Plateforme Prevention SIDA, Libiki & Nyampinga (in English).

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