Our way of working builds on our four unique capabilities:

Innovation at the core

We know how to do good through innovative business models, products, services and processes. We bring ‘doing good’ from the periphery of the business to its center. We turn ‘doing good’ from an afterthought into a driving force. We go far beyond ensuring compliance and securing a permission-to-play. We create and capture value at the core.

Co-creation across the spectrum

We know how to mobilize organizations with diverse purposes yet complementary capabilities toward a common goal. We establish bridges between for-profit, social profit and non-profit organizations in support of innovative solutions. We provide access to hard-to-reach customer groups having oft neglected needs. We guard both the financial and societal bottom-line.

Tested solutions at scale

We know how to design, pilot, evaluate and scale innovative solutions. We manage an end-to-end process, from articulating the opportunity over field-testing the solution to readying the scale-up. We crowdsource viable ideas from social entrepreneurs, civil society organizations and other lead-users. We apply proprietary methodologies and proven approaches to address a societal or environmental need and secure an impactful outcome.

Personally committed team

We know how to bring the best out of the combination of your team and ours. Each of our team members is authentically passionate about doing good for the world, and is genuinely convinced that business can be a force for good. Each of us is highly committed to work with you toward real-world solutions that have impact and create value.

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