We believe we can build a better world through sustainable business that provides value for all stakeholders.

Three fundamental principles guide all actions at iPropeller:


Everything starts with people – all the people: our team members, our clients, our business partners, even our financiers. If you take care of people, they will take care of you and your business.


We share a strong, overarching ambition to make the world a much better place than it is today. With every action we take, we strive for having a positive impact on all the people whose life we touch.


We are called upon to perform and create value for all stakeholders. And as agents of positive change, we must also be the change we seek in the world.

Our well-being statement reflects our vision about what we can and should be:

“Our success is defined by an inclusive culture where each of us develops in harmony with oneself and others to create lasting societal value.”

iPropeller is on a continuous journey toward making that vision a reality.