More than 10 years of being a force for good!

Our founders were convinced that innovative entrepreneurs could play a vital role in tackling the large-scale challenges faced by the world, such as persistent poverty, a changing climate, rising inequalities, dwindling biodiversity, and the spread of chronic diseases. That is why in 2007 they created iPropeller.

Public parlance has evolved since then – recall “corporate social responsibility”, “people-planet-profit”, “shared value” or “sustainable development goals”? Whatever terms have been in vogue, we have stayed faithful to our founding purpose: “Do Good, Get Better”.

Innovating towards business value and societal impact

For over 10 years we have been supporting companies to bring to market innovative products and services with a positive financial and societal impact. Think of reducing food waste, stimulating healthy eating habits, strengthening medication adherence, improving patient quality-of-life, enabling ageing-at-home, entering the renewable energy market, providing sustainable housing solutions for low-income families, giving health insurance coverage for chronic conditions, reducing the risk of bad debt for vulnerable households, enhancing public acceptance for large and necessary infrastructure projects, switching to eco-friendly packaging, building better relations with civil society, and more. We have done so for clients in a wide range of sectors, including food, life sciences, healthcare, financial services, telecommunications, retail, construction, energy and government.

Landmark achievements and B Corp Certification

Our achievements in the public domain include contributions to the establishment and growth of several emblematic social enterprises in Belgium and beyond; landmark research initiatives by the European institutions on the topic of social innovation and social entrepreneurship; the Business & Poverty Platform by a group of private sector companies and civil society organizations to tackle poverty in Belgium; and the conception and set-up of the Sociale Innovatiefabriek, the most reputed platform for social innovation and social entrepreneurship in Flanders.

In 2018 we were awarded the B Corp Certification, which sets the gold standard for good business. We are deeply proud of this achievement, while staying more than ever committed to making the world a better place by harnessing business as a force for good.

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