In food

For a leading food company in the Netherlands, we built a partnership to tackle obesity among young children

iPropeller Promise - equation

Pressing societal challenge

  • Healthy lifestyle is no longer the norm among children, especially in low-income neighborhoods
  • Unhealthy eating patterns and lack of physical activity lead to overweight / obesity
  • Overweight causes (mental) health problems in the short and long term

Astute business approach

  • Identification of key-stakeholders and building of strong partnership with common agenda
  • Clearly defined target group (primary school children) and ambitious goals
  • Holistic program of interventions building from each partner’s strengths

Business value

  • Strong resonance of issue with company’s values and purpose
  • Improved customer loyalty
  • New engagement of dormant distribution channel
  • Enhanced / new relations with diverse group of stakeholders

Societal value

  • Successful pilot execution in select low-income communities
  • Healthy eating patterns and physical activity reduce the risk of becoming overweight / obese
  • Better (mental) health and school performance among target group