In healthcare

For a top 10 global pharma company, we engaged family and peers to support treatment adherence for the elderly

iPropeller Promise - equation

Pressing societal challenge

Low medication adherence by elderly patients with anticoagulants:

  • Lack of understanding of the impact of treatment
  • Limited social support and high risk of isolation

Astute business approach

  • Pilot of innovative 90-day educational game to promote adherence and treatment understanding
  • Introduction of a buddy system, pairing patients and family & friends to exert peer pressure and provide community support

Business value

  • Improved relationship with key stakeholders through pilot with leading medical center in Belgium
  • Increased knowledge about adherence barriers
  • Published results in international journal

Societal value

  • Improved patient understanding of the disease and importance of being adherent
  • Improvement in long-term adherence
  • Engagement of family as a support in treatment