In insurance

For a private health insurer in Southern Europe,  we developed a program aimed at prevention and enhancement of chronic disease(s) management

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Pressing societal challenge

  • Half of the country’s population suffers from at least one chronic disease
  • Country’s diabetes rates are among the highest in the EU
  • Spread of chronic diseases imposes huge costs on public healthcare system

Astute business approach

  • Development of a new customer journey, focused on screening uptake, prevention and better disease management
  • Co-created solution with key-stakeholders (patient organization, pharmacies, clinics, pharma, and med tech)

Business value

  • Identification of unknown patients; avoiding / delaying claims
  • Unique service offering vis-à-vis collective insurance clients
  • New revenues from an untapped segment
  • Responsible positioning in society

Societal value

  • Improved screening of the disease
  • Early diagnostic enables earlier treatment
  • Launch of public awareness / prevention campaigns
  • Increased drug therapeutic efficiency